About Whimsy’s Closet

Whimsy’s Closet was founded in February 2010 with a simple mission: provide a wide selection of casual, sportswear and club wear at affordable prices for both “regular” gals and for those special girls with ample busts who need something beyond “slut wear” in their Second Lives.

We  believe that you have the right to expect the best possible craftsmanship and, as a result, all our tops are designed to specific prim breast brands. Others will claim that their tops fit many brands, and will include a “universal” applier that will, indeed put a top on eboobs, Vstrings, and other breasts, but the reality is that it won’t truly “fit” them all correctly.

The reason for this lies in the design of the breasts themselves. All have different contours and with quite different points where they meet your avatar’s body. Seams will look “off”, because they are, if that applier (and top) weren’t crafted for the specific brand.

We operate a little differently.

A top and applier we create for  Lola’s Pushups breasts, for example, is meant to match the contours of those specific breasts, which are quite different from Lola’s standard breasts which has a very different nipple location and curvature. This is why outfits from Whimsy’s Closet will have many individual major brand appliers in the box. And while it is true that our appliers will indeed work on less popular brands, but they truly are designed to match to your breasts exactly.

Creating specific brand appliers and tops does take more time and effort, but we strongly believe that you deserve a high quality product.

One last note on our design approach: all our tops are designed to work and match at the DEFAULT size and position of your prim breasts, i.e., the size and body location that they were when you first put them on. All good tops creators design this way because of the near-infinite variations possible with size and positioning.

Whimsy’s Closet is owned by CEO Whimsy Warrhol and Chief Designer Cindy Melgund.

Whimsy Warrhol, Founder & CEO, Warrior-in-Chief

Cindy Melgund, Designer, Troublemaker


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