Vstrings! And trouble ahead for Tango? Surprising results of our poll

Unfortunately our polls don’t show write-in results, but if our Prim Breast Poll had done so,  Vstrings would have done even better than the publicly available results which showed it with 14%…the true result would have been more like 20%. Tangos were picked by 33% in the poll which asked the question: Which Prim Breasts do You Wear Most?

These are the write-in totals ONLY:

Vstring 2
Vstrings XXL 2
Milk Made 1
VS Vstings (for compatablility) 1
puffies 1
:mused: Milk Made 1
Vstrings 1
Mused Milk Made 1
Lola Naturals 1
Sinful Needs Aphrodite 1
BBusty Magnus Ubera 1

Hardly anyone will be surprised that Tangos were the most popular in our Prim Breast Poll , but I must admit that I was a little taken aback that they were only most favored by 1/3 or our respondents. While this obviously is a self selected group, I have noted a little trouble on the horizon for the vaunted Lola Tangos

Are they still extremely beautiful? Yes. Though their competitors are catching up fast. And they remain “revolutionary” in that they are relatively simple to design for…but there is something else going on out there.

A number of girls I know, who never wore prim breasts before, went coo-coo for cocoa puffs when tangos came out. For understandable reasons…they look great. This clearly stimulated traditional, non-booby designers, to add tangos to their line…and there was a real explosion of tops. So to speak.

But many of those same girls are dropping their tangos. Why? Same reasons people dropped them in the past or never bothered with prim breasts…they are something of a pain to wear, they don’t bounce all that well, and even great skin matches are still visible. Watch the “regular” market for boobie tops decline…it’s inevitable and the traditional designers will offer tango apps less and less. Easy as they are to make (relatively speaking) its still work and no one is going to do work for a shrinking market.

Yes I know that other brands are trying to match tangos ease of design, particularly Lush and Iboobs, but that’s not the point. The prim boob market was inflated (pun intended) by a rush of people who wanted the tango look. Once they learned the reality of prim breasts, they faded away and with them will fade all those retailers who suddenly discovered our community. Its already happening…non-booby top retailers are already slowing the pace of Tango updates to their existing products..

I’ve floated these thoughts to friends and believe me, not everyone agrees with my opinion. But I do know this: the traditional booby market is a niche and a small one at that. When tangos first came out you’d see people with them on all over the place, and in spots where you’d NEVER see girls with prim breasts before.
I’m seeing things more as they were PRE-tango…That means something. And yes, I know you can’t base a trend on what your friends are doing, but you can’t discount it either.

So we will see. But even in THIS community, Tangos may be most popular but they are by no means the overwhelming choice…they simple aren’t…read a recent copy of Busted and read one from a few months back if you need convincing



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maggie Bluome
    Oct 24, 2013 @ 18:58:38

    Tangos brought the busty community to main stream. I don’t doubt that the huge influx of new breast users will die down. You are correct…wearing breasts is a commitment and not everyone is up for it. 🙂

    With the recent release of Lolas Mirage, I’m not seeing a huge rush of people getting them nor designers creating appliers for them. Event though the Tango appliers will work on Mirage breasts with some manual adjustment, clothing designers will be fatigued to create new appliers. They don’t want to go through their inventory again.

    Tangos will remain in the #1 spot for quite some time. The newcomers will slowly drop out. But the core members of the community will always remain, and the diversity of breast brands is much more diverse with this group. 🙂


  2. Rene'
    Oct 24, 2013 @ 19:50:33

    Interesting point. I;m glad I have a closet full of nice clothes that won’t be dated in a year. I love my Tangos and appreciate the work designers do to satisfy the demands of our group. As for me..I’ve been Tangoed and here to stay


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