Aphrodites Vs. Vstring Vs. Tangos: The New Queens of Prim Breasts?

These three prim breasts have all come out or been substantially revised in the last six months. All of them are excellent products and two of them offer shapes that range from exaggerated to natural look. Whatever your personal taste, you’re likely to find what you want in these three brands. That’s not to say they’re clones of each other, far from it, as their features, extras, and easy of use vary significantly.

One final caveat, while we have tried to use the most up-to-date versions of all these prim breasts, we can’t account for point-release updates. I do invite users and developers to comment on this review and give us additional information and corrections…

What’s In the Box

Both Sinful Needs Aphrodite ($1000) and Violet Studios Vstring  (1000)give you three looks out of the box. Lola’s Tango ($1750) offers the one version. All have coloring HUDs, decent default clothing to get you started, and for those of you who are so inclined, developer tools. Do spend a little time going through these goodies as we’ve found that many of the questions people have when they come to us can be answered if you spend a few moments with your new items.

Which looks best? Well, that’s a matter of personal bias, and I surely have one, but before we get into that, let’s take a look at the features that most people seem to care about. Oh, and before we begin, I need to say this: Whimsy’s Closet has no financial stake in any of these products. We design for all of them, and for others as well.

Sizing and Positioning

Out of the box, I strongly recommend to EVERYONE that they keep at least one copy of the boobies exactly as they got. This is particularly important if you’re the type who likes to move your implants around for a better look on your Avi. It’s fine to do that, though I don’t recommend it, so long as you have a fallback to default. All of these products, obviously, can be sized to taste.

Now I must mention here that when I design tops, I work strictly from the default size and placement that you get when you first wear the implants. All reputable designers to this because the variability in position and sizing is pretty much infinite. Matching a seam from a booby top to a garment top really does require this, especially for straps and necklines.

Here’s a little shopping tip for you: when you see tops in a store that are basically variations on tube tops, that is, there are no straps, v-necks, u-necks, etc., that’s because even at DEFAULT size and position this is a relatively difficult thing to do.

Aphrodite Buxom

Aphrodite XL Styles Buxom

Aphrodite Classic

Aphrodite XL Styles Classic

Aphrodite Natural

Aphrodite XL Styles Natural

vstring uplift

Vstring XL Uplift

vstring original

Vstring Original

vstring hanging

Vstring Hanging

lola tango

Lola’s Tango

Skin Matching

This is by far the most persistent question I get from our clothing customers: Can you match my avi skin to my prim breast skin? We’re not in that business at Whimsy’s Closet, but there is good news. Compared to earlier generations, the skin matching options with all three of these brands are far superior. And there are a number of companies out there that sell Avi skin that is specifically matched to booby skin.

Using default skins and coloring HUDs is never simple. But you can get a very good match, even a perfect one, with the tools provided by all these vendors. The matching tools can be quite complex, for sure, but the end results are well worth the effort. And a word of warning: Make SURE you work with copies of EVERYTHING before diving in too far.


Let’s consider the Aphrodite skin matching system, which is by far the most complicated. Waaaay too complicated, actually. Honestly, as the manual that comes with this product is stupefyingly difficult to follow…but you really can get a nice skin match if you are a bit patient.

Open up the A4 Hud that comes with the package. It will look something like this:

aphrodite hud Next, set work layer to breast, class layer to breast, and set the top textures box to breasts, which you do by clicking one of the top two upper arrows. When you get to breast textures, click the text between the top arrows and at least 40 will appear. Nice. Pick one that’s close to your skin and then use the color box to fine tune. Now be careful if you want to next color your nipples

Make SURE all three controls, work layer, class layer, and the top textures are set to nipples…If you don’t you’ll have a mess.

Aphrodite Classic color matching

Aphrodite Classic color matching

There are TONS more options, but they go well beyond the scope of this review, and frankly too many options are the Aphrodite’s biggest draw back. But more on that later.


Vstrings has a very nice, good quality skin match system that provides both textures and tints in a one handy HUD. Kuddos to Hemi Violet for creating what is perhaps the best skin match tool ever. Of course you can dispense with all this too: Vstrings can be matched to skins that Hemi sells in her shops at Busty Mall.

vstring breast look designer1 vstring breast look designer2
I found it to be very simple to use, quite intuitive, and was very impressed with the match. The tinting tools are found on many products in SL, nothing special there.

Vstring 2.0 Hanging Color Matching

Vstring 2.0 Hanging Color Matching

But the texture choices are really exceptional. A-plus for this this feature.

Lola Tango

Skin matching with the Tango’s is from the boob menu itself. You click for Skin Textures and get four major choices: Light, Medium, Tan, and White. Within these, you get a variety of shades…which you cannot see until they are applied. Not a major pain, but kinda lame compared to Vstrings. However, it’s a simple process that combines the use of a typical color hud. One very nice item you shouldn’t overlook: Tangos come with a set of “skin fixers”…these are really just tatoos that are numbered to match the default skin system. Don’t overlook these…they are really very good. But be advised: The Tango coloring HUD and the tatoos work in combination quite fine, but it’s very likely that you will STILL almost certainly need to make adjustments using both the boobie tinting system AND the tinting system SL uses when working on the tatoo itself…Make copies of everything!

Lola Tango using skin fixer

Lola Tango using skin fixer

Quick Tip: Once you’ve found a match you like, REMOVE that copy of your Tangos, store for safe keeping, then make a copy of THAT and wear. For some reason, if you don’t do it this way, you’ll lose your color work on the subsequent copy. If that happens, don’t panic. Just go to the one you originally colored. The setting there will be fine.

My final word on Tango’s skin matching: Even with the skin tats, the Tango coloring system is not impressive system, for the money, one would expect a bit more. What really saves these boobs, from the coloring angle, is that they are clearly designed to show the “breast plate”…unlike most prim breasts, they aren’t set up as two “globes”, but rather a unified thing that sets up just below the collar bone. This alleviates many, but not all, of the matching problems we typically have.

Ease of Use

To me the most important thing about an implant, besides it’s overall look, is how easy it is to use. Let’s be honest, adding and removing clothes is something we all do, and this needs to be quick and intuitive. Unfortunately, not all prim boob makers seem to understand this.


Aphrodite uses the now-classic applier worn on the hand approach to add a top. You can rezz it to the ground also, but wearing the applier is the right way to go. The top applies and the applier itself vanishes…standard practice these days. What’s sort of a drag is going naked. You click your boobs, which is normal, and then a menu appears and then you have to click Appearance and then you get to the nude button. Why not have the nude button on the FIRST menu? Dunno. But once you get to the appearance menu you can use it to remove the top or put it back on.

Another criticism: adding or removing nipples is simply ridiculous. On the main menu you have to click SIZE to find the actual nipple menu. Click Size and then choose the nips button. Size 0 hides them. Once you find the nipple size you want however, you no longer should have to mess with this. Aphrodite nips, unlike Lolas and many other brands, won’t poke thru clothing if you have them on…Obviously if you use a transparent top, they will show. That’s a nice plus.

One other HUGE plus: Aprodites are very compatible with other brands’ appliers. In our tests, with our own products, you should have very, very good alignment using the Lola’s Pushups applier found in about 85 percent of our products.

One cool thing that Aphrodite does is the ability to size both your breasts and your nipples. There are all kinds of texture options for Aphrodite’s nipples. Be careful though. I again emphasize that before you start playing around with these boobs, make sure you have a back up!


Vstrings standard applier attaches to your hand, but you have to manually detach it. That’s a negative, but not horrific. We’ve totally ditched this applier at Whimsy’s Closet and instead use a standard Universals applier that is customized to Vstrings. You also wear on your hand, but that vanishes on it’s own. Once you have a top on, you can use the booby menu directly to go naked or put the top back on. Less appealing is the nipple menu, because it took me awhile to understand that “Show Nude” in the nipple menu meant hiding the nipples. I’m still not completely sure what “Show Clothes” means in that menu. While the boobies come with a Breast Control HUD, you really don’t need it…you can work off the menus from the boobs themselves.  Despite a few nitpicks, generally Vstrings are quite easy to use.


By far the simplest to use of these three…that’s a plus and a minus in a way. It’s a plus because they are very intuitive and quick to learn. It’s kind of a minus because, well, Tangos don’t have a lot of extras and, therefore, not many menus. This Lola brand also, finally, has eliminated the stupid nipples poking thru clothing problem. Now when you apply a top while wearing nips, they vanish. Finally!


These days, many prim breast makers cram all kinds of goodies into their products. Besides a lot of default clothes, which all the vendors reviewed here do include (and allow you to color), you’ll also typically find nipple rings, and other shall we say, “fun” stuff.


The Aphrodites are far and away the most goodie laden of these three brands. They have a very strong RLV character (find the critical stuff for this on the main menu/Settings), including leashing, owner lists, public/private access, tons of nice rings, plenty of lactation options. You get your money’s worth, for sure. But again, the complexity of the Aphrodite menu takes some getting used to. It’s not for everyone.


Like all prim breasts, Vstrings comes with a number of built in tops to get you started, including a few pretty cool latex ones. It also has some RLV capabilities, principally assigning owners and leashing options. It also includes some interesting sounds, of all things. Vstrings isn’t in the same league as the Aphrodite when it comes to extras. But the ones that are included are fun and easy to get to.


Extras? What extras? Everyone provides nipple rings these days. OK. That’s nice. But don’t expect much else…no shooting milk, no RLV..Seems a bit chintzy frankly, for a product that 75% more.

Overall Evaluation

All three of these brands are, in my opinion, high quality products that clearly involved a lot of work and planning. In the versions I’ve discussed, both Vstring and Aprhodite include versions that look quite natural. Tangos natural appearance is a huge reason why they’re a sensation. I will say this though: I know many girls like the looks that are obviously “implants”, and I in no way disparage that. The Aphrodites and Vstrings give you those options, Tangos do not.

I will say this too: it’s really all about what you like in your appearance. Eboobs (not reviewed here) remain a powerful option, as do the original Lolas and Lolas Pushups.

These new girls are outstanding. On looks, I give the nod to Tangos. For options and choices, it’s a tossup between Aphrodites and Vstrings. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Soapbox: Tango Mania

You will see, and already are seeing, many new retailers coming into the Tango clothing. The reason is quite simple: they are the easiest to develop because designers can use the original regular Avi top texture to make a Tango top.  Kind of. Because it’s not really quite that simple.

We’re already seeing some horrible tops out there because there are some designers that think they can simply convert any top into a Tango top.

While it is true that very simple regular Avi tops can be converted successfully, anything with real detail, complex textures, verticals, etc…in other words decent tops, will look like crap if simply converted as is.

Like ALL prim breasts, truly nice tops, those with any complexity, require a developer to use grids and careful work that is SPECIFIC to that brand’s curves and quirks. And there’s another issue: if a top has layers, like a bra, shirt, and jacket, the designer has to go back and make tops the show these layers…that means combining them into single textures, one by one…That’s serious work.

This is why the big names in the regular Avi clothing world that are jumping into Tangos, will do so with only their simplest tops. The reason is clear: the work involved in producing a good quality prim breast top that looks like the quality of a good quality regular top isn’t easy. There’s a reason these companies were not doing booby tops before.

I’m my soapbox here, I know. But the best prim breast clothing makers here, including our competitors, craft their tops to specific brands, one by one because that is the only way to make them look like something other than clown-ware. We’ve done that from the start at Whimsy’s Closet. One size does NOT fit all, nor will it with Tangos.

14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Galathir Darkstone
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 18:52:40

    Thank you for the coverage… the commentary… and the feedback, Cindy =) I’ve bookmarked this for a reread during the next update to the Aphrodites and, perhaps more importantly, for the impending Mesh Breasts Sinful Needs will be bringing to market to compete with the Tangos more directly. There are a few things I could debate in the article (for example, WorkLayer is irrelevant to changing texture. That setting is only used when you adjust the offsets/repeats with the HUD), but by and large you were very fair. I will offer that the reason the Nude/Nipples options aren’t on the top level of the menu is purely a matter of trying to find a navigation path that made sense. *chuckles* Being limited to 12 buttons per pop up is a hassle. However, I would not argue that the menu is still complex, and it could use some polishing. I’m going to be working to make most of these kinds of things more accessible in the Mesh offering (and potentially the Aphrodite 3.0 Update as well), so hearing what kinds of things are most important to ends users is nice. I hope some of your readers/customers will leave feedback about their experiences with Aphrodites and other brands so We content creators can see them =)


  2. Siobhan Crystal
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 18:53:26

    Thanks so much for the review. I have all three brands and while i have found pluses with all three, the Tangos are the best. The blend between skin and breast is the smoothest. I do agree with V-strings and Aphrodite HUDS. The v-string x_x has the most shape options as well. I loved the looks of both v-string and Aprhrodite, but they have been largely ignored since I got the Tangos.

    It IS good to see so many vendors, even traditionally non-prim creators catering to Tango wearers, but sadly the same can not be said for skin creators. The options for Tangos are still limited, albeit improving.

    Thanks so much for the in depth review. Your products, like this website, are a wonderful resource for all prim breast wearers.


  3. LilTaye Mahogani
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 19:41:00

    I own the Tangos and the Vstrings. I LOVE the Tangos. Their shape is so natural and placement was easy. I feel that the nipples are the most realistic looking of any prim boob that I have seen so far. Getting the Tangos to match my skin was not a huge issue. I wear HUSH skins and the maker provides the RBG codes and so coloring my Tangos was a breeze.

    As far as features go, the Tangos do just what I need them to do and that is to look fantastic. But I do realize that others would like features such as milk, RLV and the like. Perhaps at some point these maybe an option.

    Finding clothes has been much easier than I thought that it would have. Many quality outfits can be found to fit most tastes.

    My only beef with the Tangos is their PRICE!! I feel that they are way over priced and should be more reasonable considering that even though they are beautiful, they do lack many of features that other people may find desirable.


  4. Soul Train
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 19:46:17

    The one thing that’s got me cheering about the Tango breasts is the UV mapping – getting past that lovely little quirk of prims in SL having a different lighting model than, well, avatars.

    I tried making a top for a self-designed shirt for eCorps once, and nearly tore my hair out getting the tinting right. With the Tango dev kit (and some advice from, well, you!) I had not one, not two, but four tops created in short order without having to tweak the tinting at all. I’ll come by and model the Wet Tank Top created for my new sim’s guests.

    Yes, I did have to layer the bra underneath the shirt and then pull that into an applier, but it wasn’t really all that hard to do… so I can see how people would choose this particular product to jump into implant clothing and skin design.


  5. Bianca
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 22:35:00

    To be honest,i didn’t found nothing special of that blog,realy,i have been here over 6 yrs and i tint all my boobs and they match 100% ! What was the point of this long blog.? Sorry but i realy can’t agree that this was necessary,not at all.!!! Waste of time and yes,i have all rights to say opinon and i think many others agree with me !


  6. Shayna Korobase
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 03:22:17

    Great review. I literally own every implant (sculpt or prim) in second life. I love the quality of all 3 of these breasts although I must say my favorite has ALWAYS been Lolas. Even before mesh Lolas had 1 simple purpose and that was to look good. The bells and whistles were really not needed. When customers would ask me what implant to buy I always answered with “What are you in to?” That usually helped me direct them towards several name brands.

    I absolutely love the new Lolas Tango mesh implants. They are easiest to skin and even easier to clothes. You are correct that not all tops work with them but honsestly that is VERY rare. I have very detailed tops that work great with them. It’s just a matter of getting the rotations and repeats correct. As a designer who ends up having to make 15+ appliers the Tangos are the easiest to work with. I TOTALLY understand why so many non-implant designers jumped on the bandwagon of implants with Tangos. It’s easy 😉

    Anyway. again great reviews. Thanks 🙂


  7. Juggernutz
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 10:18:50

    Thank you for this review.

    I do the scripting for vStrings while Hemi handles everything else about them.

    You reviewed our first model, XL but we have several others. XXL is targeted at people whom want really big breasts and come with 3 versions, hanging, original and supersize. X_X is what Hemi calls fashion breasts, which are for smaller more natural look, and they come with 6 versions, hanging, pointed, uplift, puffy, cleavage, fuller. We are currently adding roleplaying models. At the moment we have out X-Fet, our fetish model with straps that can restrict the flesh of the breasts and various special nipples (stretched and clamped or air valve blow up doll style) and Xilu, our demoness breasts with mouths instead of nipples.

    On the Show Clothing, these are toggles that allow you to hide / show piercing or nipples while wearing clothes. Looks great with partial or transparent tops.

    We do need to improve our documentation; sometimes I think I am the only person who understands how everything works.

    On extras, again, I do not think we clearly explained everything available with vStrings.

    Besides what was mentioned in you review, vStrings has:

    API: vStrings has many chat commands that allow people or object, if you allow them, to affect certain things. People on the Owner list or their objects have total control of your vStrings via chat commands.

    Slow growth: Where you can set rate and limits for growth or shrinking. You would grow or shrink 1% for each interval in the rate you set until the limit is reached.

    Roleplaying growth: Removes ability for vString user to adjust size of breasts and they will increase in size 1-5% per each day that passes. Only using supplied syringes can decrease size.

    There are other RLV like options such as RLV locking, allowing anyone to use the basic menus, restricting access to what menus the user can see, use of appliers, etc. There are items to go along with this in the Toy and Accessories box such as leash handle, leashing post, milking station and roleplaying syringes.

    We also have a Mistress / Master HUD that show various setting and allow you to send commands to people whom have you on their vString owner list if they are on the same SIM as you.

    I do want to improve our HUDs and documentation so features of vStrings are easier to use.

    Last, we do have demos available at the vString store. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pheadra/21/100/30 Please come to the shop and play with our breasts.


  8. Kefira
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 11:20:43

    A lot of it really is a matter of preference, and what’s a feature to one person is a failing to another. The Lolas line as a whole lacks things like nipple leashing and milk squirting and so on, but not all of us want that to begin with. Some of us are just interested in a decently shaped pair of breasts, without the extra scripting weight of features we’d never use. In that way, Lolas are a nice, light, and lean model. Likewise, they diverge from most of the market by moving away from the outright spherical shape so many are based on. That, plus the UV mapping, might be part of why they caught on so well in the mainstream.

    That’s not to say other models aren’t fun or have their place. I personally keep an old pair of eBoobs for certain outfits where I want that uplift rounding that’s lacking the current Lolas offerings. That’s the beauty of such a diverse market of prim breasts – if there’s a particular kind of shape you want, you can probably find it somewhere!


  9. Maggie Bluxome
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 20:04:12

    Cindy, I greatly support your talent of creating unique textures for each breast. It’s that sort of quality we need in our community. And thank you for supporting such a wide selection of breasts. You only help make our community stronger. 🙂


  10. Maggie Bluxome
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 20:10:20

    Also, I want to compliment how Galathir (Aphrodite) and Juggernutz (vStrings) left informative and polite comments (unlike someone here). It’s good to see you both take pride in your product and are willing to listen to comments. 🙂


    • Cindy Melgund
      Feb 07, 2013 @ 16:00:09

      I too want to say how impressed Whimsy and I are that both Galathir and Juggernutz took the time to discuss the review. That says a lot about them and their excellent products.


  11. Bianca
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 21:49:54

    Maggie,its all an donly because i have brains to say honestly my own opinon without i’m scary or always agree with everyone.We all have rights to say what we are thinking.Forever !


  12. Cream Release
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 21:17:54

    Not long after the Tangoes came out, there was another product called Lush that was similar, but with more of the old Lolas Push-up look. Is that still available? How does it stack up against the others?


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