Free Lolas Tango Appliers!

Good News: We have substantially increased the number outfits with Lola Tango appliers! If you own any of the Whimsy’s Closet outfits, and are using Lola Tangos,  you can have the applier FOR FREE.

There are two ways to get yours, including through our convenient order form.

1. Ordering online for delivery in-world: Go to our Lola Tango Order Form, provide your SL Name, make your selections. Cindy or Whimsy will send you your appliers.

2. Get your applier at the Main Store.

Look for the icon to the right on the product display. Click it and you’ll get your applier immediately:

The following can be picked up directly at our store

Tango Applier included

  • Beadaone
  • Buckleup 2.0
  • Camo Kissy
  • Carefree
  • Corsetsgood
  • Criss Cross
  • Devinyl
  • Holiday Joy 2012
  • Jersey
  • Laced Tank Dress
  • Magnet
  • Meow 3.1
  • Mistletoe
  • Netty Girl
  • Nightout BV
  • Nuttnbuttnet
  • Open Sweater
  • Ring Bikini
  • Rough Leather
  • Slash
  • Slipups
  • Stevie BV
  • Summacumlaude
  • Suspenders
  • Tight Squeeze
  • Gotcha
  • Holdup
  • Open Mini
  • Open Source
  • Scandalous
  • Scoop 2.0
  • Sunnyplaids
  • Triangle
  • Two Toned


If you own other Whimsy’s Closet outfits and want to use your new Lolas Tangos with it, we will gladly make ones to fit you. For FREE. Simply contact Whimsy Warrhol or Cindy Melgund and we’ll send the applier(s) as soon as they’re built, usually in less that 24 hours for single product orders. But before putting in your request, check the list above.

Use a notecard, and write the exact product name, including color, and make sure to put your name on the card. If you have multiple outfits, please indicate that and we’ll give you an estimate on when we can deliver them to you.

All new outfits, going forward, will have the applier included.


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