Comparing the Implants Part Two: The All-Arounder…Universal Implants V0.81

Last time, I reviewed the implants that have become my standard, the Lola’s, because I do love their appearance. But when it comes to all around versatility and value, it’s very very hard to argue against the Universals. I will still insist, that for my taste, the Lolas are the better looking boobs, but that’s because I’m a bit biased to a natural look. Now I know that sounds odd in a discussion of implants, but it is what it is, at least for me.

That said, the Universals are good-looking boobies, no question about that. And the new v 0.81’s, whjich were released about a month ago, have much to recommend them…and a few things to thumbs down as well.

The Downsides

I’ll begin with this: the noise some of you have heard on the Implant Nation group chat is for the most part…bunk. Let me deal with a few of the criticisms…and add a few of my own.

First, vague statements that the v0.5 version that preceded this newest product was “perfect” are just silly. The very same things people are typically having problems with now existed in the 5s. To wit: difficulty coloring skins and getting weird colors.

Folks, let’s get this squared away once and for all: hand tinting ANY of the major boobies, INs, eBoobs, and Lolas, is a dicey proposition. You can get close, but honestly, if you are really having major problems either seek out someone who does custom skins, or a very skilled tinter, or, get a new body skin. And even then, I can promise you, that depending on the light, they will at times not look perfectly matched.

Second, delivery problems. Well, that has been an issue from time to time with some INs. But the product itself can’t be maligned for that.

Now to more substantive problems…and there are a few.

First and foremost, the version I have refuses to display “fluid,” i.e, cum, on the breasts…instead I get another bra! This happens both with stock and with custom tops, so it appears to be a problem directly related to the new product.

Second, the boob sizes have changed. I am not sure why this is, but you used to be able to get down to under 1900 cc, and I used to standardize at around 2000. Now, 2400 cc seems to be about what 2000 was. Odd, and mildly annoying.

Third, the built-in tops are pretty uninspired but they are a good feature and can be used with simple, foundational garments in a pinch. But they’re hardly the stuff of dreams. This version does include set of  “regular” tanktops and bras, which are worn like any other “regular” top, but with all due respect to the developer, Bart Seymour: leave the clothing designs to people who know how to make clothes. Not your forte, to say the least…Ladies, you can safely dispense with the tanks…you may want to keep a couple of the bras around, because they do match up pretty well with the built-in bras, but don’t count on these garments for a big night out…they scream “cheap”!

Finally, the HUD remains one of the best parts of the Universals…but why the heck are there two tabs, Security and Options, that seem to have no purpose? Puzzling.

The Upsides

Where to begin…the new Universals include some truly cool new things and the best of the old favorite tools are still there.

The most improved, and finally useful, tool is the pop-up menu that has controls for outfitting, bounce (which remains a weak area), milking, size, security, BDSM and excitement, the latter three of which I want to put special focus on.


The new menu adds the ability to add users or have open access to all the features of your boobs. This feature alone will get a lot of the girls pretty excited. But use caution: when I say ALL features, I mean it. This includes sizing and the new BDSM feature…So if you don’t want a stranger making your boobs the size of Everest, and you’d prefer not to be dragged hither and yon with no control, then make sure you DON’T enable open access.


A nice feature for those who like to be leashed, well, specifically, leashed at the nipples. You can allow yourself to be leased to a person, assuming you’ve enabled open access or picked a specific person, or to an object. It’s easy to use. As you can see here, my friend has taken advantage of giving her open access.

Excitement Menu

This little feature is, again, most useful if someone else is working it. It produces some simple, but pretty good text, like “So and so is doing such and such to” you. I’m not a fan of canned text but I know many people enjoy it…and it’s there so…

The Bottomline

I continue to maintain that Universals are the best boobs if you need to be able to change from a custom top to naked and back in a hurry. They are GREAT for the stage. They still offer a tremendous number of basic shapes and the skin selections are quite good, but again, absolutely perfect skin matches are best left to a pro who can either color for you OR who can provide a custom skin match.

As a designer, I can say that Universals and Lolas are the easiest to work with, at are fairly priced at $800.

They DO look like breast implants, and I do know that many of you reading this really want that look. You can’t go wrong with these if that’s your goal and in the smaller volumes that look fairly “natural”. No one is going to confuse them Lolas, which continue to be the most natural looking boobs, in my opinion. But Universals are extremely versatile, easy to use and are very popular for many good reasons.

You can find them at the main store in Meerkat.

About These Reviews

A few caveats here. No one is paying me to write this review. I’ll hurt some feelings, but that’s how it is. This is my opinion based on a lot of use of all three products, including designing for them. I base all of it on personal experience and on the reaction I get from both men and women.

In all the photos in this series, the implants are attached at the spine. I doubt this matters much, but full disclosure…we’ll talk about attachment points in a later post…

All photos are shot in midday light with no retouching. All garments are from our store, Whimsy’s Closet (shameless plug).

Last and maybe most important: I use Laqroki skin and “Sweet Lights” face lighting.


9 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Shanny G.
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 08:57:33

    I got to say that I don’t like the way the universals look…. especially how they connect to the neck. I think the eboobs are a much nicer “fake” boob.. in that they look like “real” “fake” boobs. lol i know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.

    agree that the lola’s are nice, but only if you want that busty look, not true “big boobed”


  3. Maggie Bluxome
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 14:46:15

    I would also like to add that Universals are one of the most widely supported Implants among clothing designers. You should always check first before purchase, but the majority of stores will have support for these Implants. 🙂


  4. Cindy Melgund
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 21:30:49

    Point taken Shanny. Eboobs do have a unique look, and with a nice skin match they’re very tempting…particularly at the very reasonable price they’re offered for…they’ll be my next review. Also you might want to check out my story on positioning…sometimes just a small adjustment in ANY of these implants can make a “massive” difference..hahaha.

    And Maggie is exactly right: it’s hard to even a name a decent designer who doesn’t have tops for Unis.


  5. Maggie Bluxome
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 09:06:39

    With regards to Shanny’s comment, I view Universals as the in-between of Lolas and eCorp Overfilled. They’re not quite the natural look of Lolas, they’re not quite the full-on fake look of Overfilled.

    Being one who prefers the natural look yet requires designers support in clothing, the Universals have been my defacto since the beginning. 🙂

    Oh, and Cindy makes an excellent point. Just like clothes, implants will sometimes require positioning adjustments. Accepting their default set mount may not always work for you or for the outfit you’re wearing. 🙂


  6. Shanny G.
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 10:55:19

    I’ve seen girls all dressed up in gowns wearing Lola’s and they look really great.

    I think Maggie nailed it! Universals are the in-between boobs… and so I guess they are the ones if you’re not sure what look you want. They look ok small, ok medium, and ok large.

    But overfilled look really good medium and really good big… but kinda funny small.

    Lola’s look outstanding small, very nice medium and kinda bad large.

    Can’t wait for the next review Cindy!


  7. Shanny G.
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 10:57:15

    Oh and when I say “small”… you know what I mean! LOL. Still big… but small big. 🙂

    I’ll check out hte positioning thing, thanks! I think I read it before and I know it helped me but I can always use a refresher!


  8. Aeronya Arai
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 09:29:45

    While it is true that the UI’s are now the most supported prim breasts in SL in terms of clothing options, it’s rather disappointing from the standpoint of owners of the older MCI’s that many designers have completely stopped supporting the MCI’s in favor of the UI’s. A great many people who own the MCI’s (like myself) simply refuse to upgrade to the UI’s until they’re out of beta, BECAUSE of the numerous problems the UI’s suffer from, for example the other day we had a visitor in the club I work at (on my alt admittedly) who had a problem where one of her breasts had somehow significantly resized itself to be larger than the other one (turned out to be related to a problem with her HUD, using a fresh copy of the HUD and a fresh copy of the UI’s ‘fixed’ the problem for her). Designers need to realize that there are still a significant number of users of the MCI’s and not turn their backs on those individuals who for whatever reason chose not to make the move to the UI’s, especially considering the MCI’s are still available in a ‘lite’ version and the fact that Bart himself has stated that he will be releasing a ‘gold’ version of the MCI’s, the fact that the MCI’s are still available (although as a ‘lite’ version) is a pretty clear indication that even Bart has acknowledged the fact that there are still people around who don’t want to move to the much more script heavy UI’s and as such simply should not be left ‘out in the cold’ by designers, especially when you consider that so many other products now support using the MCI installers now as an option for their customers (iBoobs, eCorp!, and I believe a couple other lesser known brands as well now), creating tops for the MCI’s is to my knowledge not that different from the steps necessary to create tops for the UI’s, to my knowledge the main difference has to do with the texture offset and scaling, packaging them is from my own experience relatively simple once you figure out the applicable offset (and once you do you can even simplify it further by doing the offset in your image editor so that when the texture is applied using the ‘default’ values for the MCI’s it still looks correct, again not that difficult really). As I have said I believe it is a mistake for designers to move completely away from supporting the MCI’s as so many have done since there is still a sizable part of the population using them, I’m hoping that if any designers read this they will consider what I have said and take it to heart to rethink their decision to simply abandon the users of the MCI’s just because a newer product was made available (a product that has so far in my and many other peoples opinion failed miserably to live up to expectations since the original ‘Release’ party for the UI’s over 2 years ago, yes I said 2 years ago, some of you may remember this event others may not, but at that time over 2 years ago we were told they would be released ‘soon’, that only a little work remained to be done at the time). It’s a fact that while the UI’s may be ‘here to stay’ not everyone has embraced them and have instead chosen a ‘wait and see’ attitude such as myself, again I urge designers to not simply walk away from the potential sales oppurtunities by not taking the relatively few extra steps necessary to create an installer for the MCI’s. Sorry for such a long winded reply, I have a tendency to ramble on sometimes when I believe strongly about something.


  9. Chronos Ghost
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 22:39:39

    I forgot to mention the other day about Lolas… one failing they have is the base color chosen of the nipples. It should have been gray scale since the color chart will allow you to create pink with ease.
    The problem crops up when you attempt to nipple tint a gray scaled fantasy skin ( Drow skins are super popular all through out SL ).. you simply cannot make your nipples match.

    Red is the most dominant color in the color chart… pink being derived from red will continue to overwhelm any attempts to recolor them into a true gray scale.


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