Striped Dresses and Hot Bikinis!

We’ve launched two major new items : A very hot striped dress outfit with side cutouts and an awesome sculpty skirt, and a series of bikinis in several colors and with national themes.

You’ll find them all at Whimsy’s Closet in Pero and at the Store on Xstreet/Marketplace

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The Striped Dresses include  an awesome sculpty skirt, a prim skirt and matching panties. Booby top appliers for Universals, eBoobs and Lolas will also be in the box. They are  priced at 99L for a single outfit, 249L for the fatpack of all three colors, pink/black, red/black, and purple/black. The “regular” versions will be out very soon.

Sculpty skirts present an interesting dilemma for designers and retailers. On the one hand, they are far more natural looking then “system” skirts and they beat prim skirts hands down. On the other, they look their best if you use the “no butt” trick.

Like any sculpty, when you move, it is likely that your upper leg will briefly show through, though a well designed skirt keeps this to a minimum. The real issue is “behind.” Now, our sculpty skirts are modifiable and stretchable, so if you’re skilled at doing this, have at it, otherwise your butt cheeks will show through the back. We work to minimize this with a matching system bottom, but honestly, if you want to look perfect, do the “no butt” thing, i.e., in appearance, take your butt size to ZERO. Trust me, unless you WANT to show a large bottom, this is the way to go…frankly, it’s the way to go with ordinary system skirts, and you will still have lots of junk in your trunk. Give it a try.


Diamond Cut Bikinis

It’s always summer somewhere in SL, but as the season ends in the northern hemisphere we’ve decided to price our newest “Diamond Cut” bikinis at the wonderfully low price of just $49L each. These kinis come in three basic colors: pink, white, and gold, and for you patriotic types out there, we’ve added national colors for the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada with booby top appliers for Universals (v0.5 and v.81), Lolas, and eBoobs. They’re all show stoppers! (Regular versions will be out soon)

These are very, very high cut and tight in the bottoms, and not for shy types. But a little backside “pear” isn’t such a terrible thing, is it? hehe.

These DCBs, exclusively ours, posed an interesting design challenge for our “busty” line: matching the very skinny base top straps with the straps on the booby top. Many were the hours spent getting them to line up just right. Let us know how we did!

Like all our products, these designs were inspired by my boss and mate, the inimitable Whimsy Warrhol, whose philosophy is that sexy clothes are clothes that you can wear anywhere, and still turn heads, without spending ridiculous sums.

I think I’ll ask for a raise now…


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  1. Lara
    Nov 14, 2010 @ 23:59:28

    The stripped dresses are fantastic! Such a great price, and dropping my avi’s butt to 0 did the trick, it looks perfect, and so so sexy.


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