The Forgotten Art of Booby Positioning

One of the more interesting parts of my interview with IN Universals creator Bart Seymour was his discussion about the biggest problems girls seem to have with implants…and positioning was right up there. So to speak!

I was very fortunate when I first began in the Booby Community. A doctor friend of mine who actually works with peeps in RL who get breast augmentation told me as soon as he saw me for the first time that my boobs were in the wrong place. Too high, like many many of us.

Take a look at these pics:

Obviously, personal taste plays a big role in positioning, but if you want your clothes to look better and to present a more natural view check the following things:

1. When looking from the side, do your boobies follow the natural flow of your avis breasts? If not, what’s holding them up? 🙂

2. From the front, where your boobies meet your body should be just where the top of the avi’s breasts begin.

By the way, if you do these things, you may find that your skin coloring work is easier too.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to try rotating your boobs downward…again, gravity will not be denied!


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  1. Lilian
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 14:00:58

    I do find that skin coloring work is much easier too. Plus, using skins came from HUD as base, and coloring on it make it look much nature.


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